Arkansas Catfish Fishing Areas And Strategies

The flathead is the next to largest catfish species in Arkansas and the best time to fish for them is at night. They feed off of live shiners and chubs the most but they will strike at other baits too. The flathead catfish will also be found most anywhere there are structures in the water.

The channel catfish are the most plentiful during the spring and fall but they can be found in the summer and winter as well. However, they are the hardest to find in the winter months and you will not have very much luck at all during extreme cold temperatures. This species of catfish naturally feed off of crawfish and other small fish.

The bullhead catfish are not as popular as the others because most of them only average a pound or two but you can find them in many of the lakes, streams and ponds located throughout Arkansas. They stay in the shallows more during the night and in the deeper waters during the day.

Once you get a bite it is important that you set the hook fast with a quick jerk or you may lose your catch. The catfish can put up one heck of a struggle and even wiggle themselves loose if the hook is not set good enough. Before setting out to go catfish fishing in Arkansas make sure you are completely up-to-date on all the rules and regulations to ensure you are obeying all of them. Different lakes and rivers may have different rules than some of the others so don’t take anything for granted.

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