Tips On Catfish Cheese Baits

Make sure you always use a sharp hook when fishing for catfish. You need a sharp hook to penetrate and hold the catfish once the hook is set. If the hook is dull or in bad condition you will probably lose more fish than you catch. You can also use a split shot sinker and place it about six inches above the hook.

Change your bait every ten minutes or so if you are not getting any bites to keep it fresh. Catfish will not go after old and stale bait. If you have been in the same area for about thirty minutes or so and have not had any bites, then it’s time to move to a new location. You don’t have to move a great distance from your original spot. In fact, you only need to move a few feet at a time in either direction.

When fishing with cheese baits you will know when you have found the location of the catfish because you will be busy reeling them in. They just can’t seem to resist the temptation of going after this bait. Whether you seek out the catfish for the sport and challenge of reeling in a fighter or for the great taste they provide, you should enjoy the results you get from using cheese baits.

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