Catching Alabama Channel Catfish

If you were fishing from shore where you can wade in a bit, you would do well to get a little wet. This all depends on the water underneath. Make sure that you are fishing in the right areas when you are fishing the cats. Sometimes a fish locator can be very useful. It will give you some locations as to where the schools are and the depth you are going to fish. It takes some time to find just the right technique, but once you have it, you will catch the fish.

Alabama channel catfish fishing is popular and all you need is a few tips since it seems that the cats are always feeding in some areas. It makes sense to have the right equipment and bait. Here is one recipe for stinky bait that seems to work for the small catfish. If you make this bait recipe, make sure to keep the offerings small since you will want to keep the size of a shad so the small fish will feed.

Chicken Liver and Garlic Catfish Stinky Bait Recipe

Get as much chicken livers as you can and place in a flat pan. Sprinkle with a lot of garlic and place in a five-gallon pail. Cover and sit outside preferably in the sun or in a warm garage. In four days, remove the cover and add more garlic. Cover and let sit for three weeks.

This recipe is easy, you want to have as much blood as you can get. If you want to keep your bait together in the water on the hook, you can use panty hose material and make little pockets to attach the bait to the hook. This will keep the bait on the hook and keep it from falling apart before the cats come for it.

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