Catching Alabama Channel Catfish

Anglers will argue as to when the best time of year is to fish for channel catfish, but it is generally agreed that it is early spring, with the extreme heat of summer in some of the hotter areas being probably the slowest time of year for daytime fishing and winter being the slowest time for night time fishing.

Catfish are usually caught in depressions in sandy or rocky bottom areas when the weather is very warm or very cool, because they seek temperatures more comfortable to them and in the really hot weather, it will be cooler in the depressions, and in really warm weather it will be cooler in the depressions.

Look for areas where these underwater ledges or depressions are next to areas with current.  The big monster cats lie back and wait for bait to be carried on the current, so they can take advantage of an easy meal in these areas. During daylight hours, look for cats in the deeper, murkier bottoms that have concealing mud and stained water, as well as coverage.

Fish with a medium action rod.  A casting rod about seven foot should do you well.  Pair that with a baitcasting reel, and use about 15 pound test in a good monofilament.  A Carolina rig usually works well with a barrel weight about � ounce and about a #4 hook.  Treble hooks work well for punch bait and livers and a Kahle hook will work well for most other presentations.

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