How To Catch Shad For Catfish Bait

However, their best food would normally be the small fish. If you are looking to catch a couple of shads for hunting a catfish, you should probably go for the “cast net”. The shads can be found in Luke warm fresh waters. They are normally present in groups at these types of places.

Critical Success Factors:
Learn by heart, that patience counts for over 80% of the success when you are looking to catch a fish with cast net. Therefore once you are in the water to spread the cats net, you should wait for the right moment for the fish to gather. Try to go towards the shallow waters and throw few shrimps and planktons. Most of the shads found in fresh waters feed on plankton. Once you have done this, wait for a while. Let a group of shad gather there to feed on the planktons and shrimps. Once you observe that, there are an utmost number of shads present, it must be the right time to draw you casting net.

The most imperative part about catching the shad and using it in preparing a fish bait is to keep them alive once you have caught them. Most of the fish would be attracted towards fresh dead bait. Try to get an oval or a round shaped container to keep the shads in. The water should be clean and a pump should be available for circulating the water. Apart from this, oxygen induction system is needed for the tank as well. You also need to make sure that the shads are not frazzled. If they are having a red nose, excessive lose of scales or fasten fins. This means that they might be suffering from ammonia caused by their waste in the tank. This has a simple elucidation; either you change the water frequently or buy “ammoniasorb” from a local store. This helps to absorb the ammonia produced by shad waste.

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