How and Where to fish Alabama Channel Catfish

The size of the channel catfish will determine whether to use large or small bait. You need smaller baits for small fish and larger bait when going after the big ones. A large channel catfish will swim right past small bait and look for something that will make them more of a decent meal. At the same time the smaller channel cats will avoid the larger baits and search for something that will be easier for them to strike.

Another tip for choosing baits is to use the ones that are closest to the natural food source found in the body of water in which you are fishing.

Whichever baits that you choose to use when channel catfish fishing keep in mind that it’s vital to keep it fresh. Make sure you have the equipment needed to store the bait properly.

Where to Find the Channel Catfish in Alabama

You will find the channel catfish in almost all the waters located throughout
Alabama. They thrive in all types of water ranging from the larger rivers and reservoirs to the lakes and small ponds. They do prefer waters that have a slow to medium current but they can be found in other types of waters as well.

The channel catfish does migrate between seasons. For example, they will move to shallow waters and look for structures to settle in and get ready for the spawning during the spring. In the summer they will move out to feeding areas which is usually located around submerged trees, logs, grassy areas and aquatic vegetation. Then they will move back out to deeper water in the winter. Knowing their schedule will help you locate them easier.

Alabama is a great place visit and to try your hand at channel catfish fishing.
With so many different places to go fishing here, you are sure to have a fun and productive time each time you go out on the water.

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