Night Catfishing Strategies

You will possibly have to wait a lot, before it comes near you and bites the bait. However, once the catfish takes the bait, wait for few seconds so it can go further down and grasp the bait strongly. You have to be standing firmly with some support around you. Normally a catfish has a lot more power than all the other common fish that you would catch otherwise. They can make you go through a lot of nuisance if you are not ready to tackle.

At night it would normally be the flathead catfish that would come in your trap. These types of catfish are normally night feeders. One of the best ways to plan a good night catfish trip would include the use of bank-pole method for catching the fish. However, this type of method would give you a hard time. You will have to run actively from one corner to another. The other technique would get you to step in the water. There is no doubt that the latter is more effectual in catching the fish if you are a knowledgeable fisherman.

Another way of getting the fish would include the throwing of plankton on the surface which would attract the bait fish. Once a significant number of baitfish gather on surface, the catfish would come for baitfish automatically. This is perhaps the easiest way to catch a catfish if you are doing everything according to the plan. Another type of catfish that you can go for is “channel catfish”.

They are generally awfully trouble-free to catch since they would bite the bait again and again. This gives you a greater chance for catching the fish. Night is perhaps the best time for catfishing, since all the pleasure boaters evacuate the waters and it provides better chance with no commotion at all.

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