How To Bank Fish For Flathead Catfish

This is why stinkbait is such a popular choice of bait when it comes to the flathead catfish. The more odor, the more likely the fish to be attracted to it. Many catfisherman will create their own special formulas of stink bait or dough-bait and others will buy popular baits. Dough bait can be created at home with flour and hot water mixed with as many smelly concoctions you can think of.

A long time favorite bait for many catfisherman is fresh chicken liver chunks. You can fish with these and other disgustingly-smelling baits in areas where you know flathead to be found.

Good Locations for Banking Flathead Catfish

Now where are these “good” locations where you should find flathead catfish? It’s also a good idea to search for points, culverts and places of deeper, darker waters. Spots that are covered with trees, brush, shoreline, rocks or weeds are great places for the catfish to hide and seek food.

Nighttime is a great time to fish for flathead catfish because they often come out to feed during this period. When you’ve identified a good spot for flathead from the banks, you can fish in the night or dusk hours. Riprap banks are a popular choice for many anglers. There are both natural and man-made banks that are formed in lakes and the nooks and crannies make great dwelling places for flathead.

Tailwaters found below dams are another great spot to look for the flathead. Old backwaters of oxbows often have some of the largest and oldest flathead, many who have lived in this area their whole lives.

Once you have the right equipment, the right bait and the right knowledge of where to find the flathead, you can set out for some great banking of your own.
Remember that once you find a “sweet spot”, you can work it in your own way so that you get the most fish from your experience. You can also benefit from returning to a hot spot again and again when the season is right.

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