Catfishing Line Guide

The strongest of the four is braided fishing line.  The braided line will not stretch, and visibility is good with braided line since it tends to float on the water.  One disadvantage of braided line is that it abrades whatever it comes into contact with, whether that is the rod, guides, reel or your hands.  For that reason, it is important to have the right hardware for using it, and to wear gloves when handling it.  Fused line is a lot like braided line.

The big difference is that rather than being woven together, like braided line, it is glued together, and coated.  It is easy to see on the water, but the fish can see it too.  It will slide about on your reel spool too, so using it can be a challenge.

Consider all these facts when choosing a line for use in fishing.  Weather conditions, whether you are fishing at night or in full light should be considered, particularly when you are considering line color as well.

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