Catfishing Tournament Secrets

Obtain a map of the water that provides information about the structures, shallows, channels, depth and so forth.

You also need to learn how the catfish respond to the different times of day. In other words, fishing in the morning will be totally different from fishing in the middle of the day or late in the evening. The catfish will respond differently and you need to know what to expect and which tactics will work the best in each situation.

Take a variety of baits with you to make sure you have what the catfish wants. Even though this species will eat just about anything, at times they can be picky. Of course, this will certainly happen when you are in a tournament. If you have a variety of different baits it won’t matter how picky they get because you will always have something they will be interested in.

You must have the right equipment that is strong enough to handle this species. The catfish will put up a struggle and keep you on your toes. You don’t want to lose the tournament because your equipment was too weak to reel in your catch.

Taking part in a catfishing tournament is fun and exciting. Many anglers participate simply for the thrill but coming in as one of the winners will be even more exciting. Following these catfish tournament secrets will help you be among the top fishermen and with a little practice, you have a great chance of walking away as the winner.

Catfish fishing will continue to be one of the top sports of today because of all the fun and excitement it has to offer. Tournaments are just another way to enhance and enjoy fishing for this incredible species. There are some great prizes to be won plus, the thrill of being able to do something that you already enjoy so much.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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