A Guide To Catfish Season – When And Where It Starts

Catfish Fishing In the Winter

Even though the catfish are settled in deep holes you shouldn’t rule out fishing in the winter because this is a great time to reel in this species. Many anglers will pack up their gear and wait till spring before they go out fishing again. This causes them to miss out on some of the best fishing they could ever enjoy.

You will find some of the biggest catfish in the winter months and there is less competition to deal with. When fishing for catfish in the winter use stink baits, chicken livers, cut bait, chicken blood and dead minnows for the best results. These all work great to attract the catfish in the cold water.

Continue to use techniques that will allow you to get the bait to the bottom where they will be waiting. The stronger the odor, the better the bait will work in the winter. The catfish are hungry during the winter because there is less food available but they will also move a little slower so keep this in mind when you go on your next fishing trip.

Nighttime is always the best time to go fishing for catfish regardless of which season it is. This is the time they feed the most actively and when you will have the most success. Search for the catfish in areas where there are submerged logs and trees or where there is a slow current and the water is shifting from the deep to shallow.

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