A Guide To North Carolina Catfish Fishing

If you anchor over the mussel beds or drift fish dragging your cut bait on the bottom using a walking sinker, you should have good luck.  If you want to target flathead, you will want to stay in channels with structure or along the channel bends.  Use live bream as bait, and concentrate on these areas for good results.

Badin Lake: These lakes in what is called the Yadkin Chain, include High Rock and Blewitt Falls, and are the most highly acclaimed catfish waters in the state.  If you get a chance to fish Tuckertown, you should give it a try, but be aware it is a small reservoir, and the fishing pressure is high.  Your best bet is probably Yadkin Lakes, producing good catches of flathead, blues, and channel catfish, especially in the Badin Lake area.  You will tend to find bigger catfish in the Badin Lake area as well.

If you are fishing in the summer, try the upper end of the lake.  For channel or blue cats, try cut shad, and use big pieces.  Big pieces catch big fish.  Fish in the cuts or behind the islands.  Give the points a try too, and pay close attention to the ones with current.  Night fishing can not be beat for flathead.

If you get out early enough in the afternoon to catch a mess of bream, you can use those as bait to catch the cats when the sun goes down.

These areas can not be beat for great catfish fishing in North Carolina!

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