Details On The World Record Channel Catfish

Many people simply love the taste of the channel catfish because it will make one delicious meal.

Even though the average size of the channel catfish is around four pounds you can see there are exceptions where they can grow much larger and they can top out over fifty-five pounds. It’s just unusual to see one that big and even more uncommon to catch one. Below are a few tips that can help you reel in the channel cat so you can get in on some of the action.

Start by making sure you have the right equipment especially, if you are seeking that trophy fish or trying to break the world record. You will need a heavy action rod and a spinning reel or a casting reel matched with heavy line. Circle hooks are a good selection and choose your bait wisely. You want to match the bait with the size of channel cats in the area where you are fishing. If your bait is too small then you will only attract small fish.

For the big cats you need to fish the larger lakes and rivers or reservoirs. It’s recommended that you use cut baits to draw in the channel cats. They will strike at other baits but the cut baits will be faster and should attract the larger fish. Always have patience. It takes time to catch a large channel catfish because as you well know, it’s rare to find one as large as the one holding the title of the world record.

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