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How to catch a record catfish in Utah

Catching large catfish is, like most other things, a function of knowledge. You need to understand your prey, their habits and idiosyncrasies. You also need to understand their environment. Let%u2019s start with the species. If you want large fish, then only three species are worth consideration in the U.S. in freshwater. I They are the Blue Catfish (Ictalurus furcatus). the Channel Catfish (Ictalurus [...]

Four Trophy Catfishing Tactics

Many anglers seek out the catfish because some of them can grow to some pretty amazing sizes. When you’re after that trophy fish, you stand a good chance of actually reeling one in when fishing for this species because they can grow so large. It’s a good feeling to catch a trophy fish especially when it’s one that is as hard to catch as the catfish. There are several reasons why this [...]

Four Oklahoma Catfish Fishing Secrets

The catfish fishing in Oklahoma is excellent and many anglers seek out this species. The catfish can be difficult to catch sometimes because they are a stubborn fish. If they don’t want to take the bait, it’s hard to make them. The season in which you fish will play a major role in how they respond to your bait and how well you do when fishing. Nevertheless, you can reel in a good catch [...]

3 NC Catfishing Techniques

North Carolina is famous for its beautiful mountains, gorgeous beaches and excellent fishing. There are many species found in NC but the catfish are among the most sought out. This has a lot to do with the fact that catfish are fun and exciting to catch. It may be a little slow at first but when you get one hooked, the excitement begins. They’ll fight hard and the ones you do catch will make [...]

Five Fishing Tips for Missouri Catfish

Anglers in and around Missouri enjoy some excellent catfish fishing because this state is the home to the flathead, channel and the blue cats. You can find catfish in most any lake or river and a number of ponds too throughout the state. With so many bodies of water where the catfish can flourish, it’s one of the best places in the US to fish for this species. Anglers seek out the blue cat for [...]

Four Jug Catfishing Tips and Tactics

Fishing for catfish is one of the most exciting types of fishing there is and there are many different ways to catch catfish. Anglers can cast, jig, drift fish and bottom fish for this species but two unconventional ways to seek them out are, noodling and jug fishing. Noodling is only for the very daring fisherman because it requires catching the fish with your bare hands but jug fishing is an excellent [...]

Five Tips When Flathead Catfish Noodling

Have you ever heard the term noodling and do you know what it means? It’s actually the oldest form of fishing around but when you learn what it involves, you may consider it one of the most outrageous ways to fish you’ve ever heard of. Noodling refers to the practice of catching fish with your hands instead of rods, nets or other tools. This type of fishing is for the experienced angler [...]

What you need to know about catfish barbs

The catfish is one of the oldest game fish still sought out today. There are different types of catfish with the most popular ones being the flathead, blue, bullhead and channel catfish. The blue cat is the largest followed by the flathead and these two can grow to some impressive sizes. This makes them quite a challenge and a lot of fun to catch. Catfish live in both freshwater and saltwater and you [...]

Three questions to ask catfishing guides – and the best answers

You’ll find catfish in all types of water and there are several different types of catfish to seek out. Each one of them has its own unique qualities that attract different types of anglers. The three main types of catfish are the Blue, channel and the flathead. If you’re new to catfishing, hiring a guide to take you fishing is a great way to get the most from your trip. They have the experience [...]

How to set up your channel catfish rig

Catfish Rigs There are many different types of rigs that can be used for catfishing. Each is suited for different conditions. Some are better for fast water. Some are better suited for heavy cover, and some are best for deep-water tighlining. There are a few things common to all rigs. They all must be able to withstand the evasive maneuvers of a large, ticked-off Siluroformes. You should use the best [...]

Five tips to catch more flathead fish

The Flathead, or Yellow Catfish (Pylodictus olivares)is the largest species of catfish native to North American fresh waters, and the second largest freshwater fish in the United States. They can reach lengths of more than 5 feet and weigh over 100 pounds. They can live for 20 years or more. The natural range of Flatheads is north from the Great Lakes south to Northern Mexico, and from Arizona in the [...]

Three fishing secrets to catch flathead catfish in PA

The state of Pennsylvania has many great (and often overlooked) Flathead catfish waters. Maybe it is because cat-fishing is sometimesassociated with the South, or poor people, but catfish in Pa. Of a veryt underused resource. The best Flathead waters in the state are larger rivers, especially ones that flow into large lakes. Prime areas are High Point Reservoir, Blue Marsh Lake, the Shenago River, [...]

What you need to know about stocking catfish

There are several things you will want to learn about before you consider stocking catfish in a pond or in a lake. First, there are a couple of different ways you can go about stocking them. You have to decide if you are stocking them for recreation such a private fishing. If you are stocking a pond to raise catfish then you will want to go about it differently so that you are a viable entity for the [...]

Four New Catfishing Tips

It would be hard to find any relatively unpolluted body of fresh water in North America that does not contain one or more species of catfish. The U.S. climate is the perfect compromise between warm growing seasons and cooler winters to allow fish longevity. Longevity equals large fish. Before we get into techniques, it is important to understand some of the biology of the different catfish species [...]

Three secrets to catch more Louisiana catfish

The common idea of catfishing is sitting on a bank in a lawn chair with poles and a case of drinks. This method can produce fish at times, nevertheless, in order to catch catfish all day, all night and all year requires a bit more knowledge and finesse. By necessity, this information will be very general. Each body of water has its own unique quirks, and it helps to know the waters you are fishing [...]

Five Catfishing Tactics Anybody Can Use

There are very few people, bar those who do not have a liking for fish, who do not love eating a great piece of fried catfish battered in cornmeal with some crispy French fries. While you can purchase catfish meat at your local seafood shop or grocery store, this fish is much better when it is caught fresh and cooked within a day or two. It also freezes well but there is just something wonderful about [...]

3 Tips on Catfishing Jugs

Catfish fishing is one exciting sport that has been enjoyed for centuries. There are many different techniques that can be used to catch catfish and you can spend a lot of money on equipment or choose to fish the cheap way. One of the oldest and cheapest ways to catch catfish is by using jugs. This may sound odd to someone new to the sport. However, using jugs to fish for catfish can be very effective. The [...]

Five Tactics to Catch the Largest Catfish

The catfish is the oldest and one of the most respected species being fished by anglers today. They provide a fishing experience like none other. Depending on which type of catfish you’re seeking out, they can grow to some amazing sizes. It’s quite an accomplishment to reel in a nice catch but when you hook one of the larger catfish, it’ll be an experience you’ll never forget. [...]

5 Ohio Catfishing Fishing Secrets

Fishing for catfish can be a fun way to spend the day on the water. Anglers of all ages can fish for this species and the equipment needed does not cost a fortune. Another positive aspect of fishing for catfish is that they are not very picky eaters as other species like the crappie are. They can strike on just about anything that gets their attention. The only problem is finding a food that does [...]

Best Baits and Tactics for Shovelhead Catfish

Catfish are most fishermen’s favorite fish to catch because they are typically larger than many other fish. There are many species that get quite large with the shovelhead being one of the larger fish. These are located in many areas of the country with the majority of the larger ones found in large lakes and slow moving rivers. The shovelhead is also known as the flathead in some areas with [...]
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