Advice for Pond Fishing Catfish

Where to Find the Catfish

It’s easy to find the catfish in a pond so you don’t have to stress too much over trying to figure out where to begin. They tend to stay where they can hideout around structures or anything that provides them with some sort of cover. Many ponds have vegetation and algae floating around and this is an excellent place to start fishing.

Another option is to fish in the deepest parts of the pond. The catfish will be in holes or dips in the bottom of the pond and under any type of structure they can find such as rocks, logs, stumps and so forth. Some ponds are fed by creeks.

If you are fishing in one of these go to that area and give it a try. You should be very successful because this is a great place for the catfish to feed naturally so they tend to hang out here.

You can fish for catfish anytime day or night but you will find that night fishing may be more productive. It really depends on the particular spot where the pond is located so it’s best to experiment to find out when the most productive times would be. For instance, go out early morning, late evening and if you can, during the night. Compare the results to see which time was the most productive. It will be different for different areas.

One very big misconception about catfish fishing in a pond is that you can’t catch a big catfish in a small body of water. You may be very surprised to learn that there are many ponds that are the home to some very large catfish. For one thing, ponds are overlooked by many anglers so the catfish have a chance to grow and thrive. Therefore, if you get the chance to fish a pond, don’t pass it up.

They have lots to offer the catfish fisherman.

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