Dam Fishing for Catfish

You can cut the motor off and allow your boat to drift downstream or use a trolling motor to move up and down the dam. Either way is fine as long as you get your bait down on the bottom.

Placing a small bobber just above the hook will allow the bait to float just over the bottom while you are drifting. Whenever you are fishing from a bank or similar area simple let your bait drift beneath a bobber and flow naturally downstream with the current. Place a slip-bobber slightly above the hook for the best results. Keep your line tight and your rod lifted high.

Still fishing is another great method used when catfish fishing on a dam. You can use this method no matter where you are. You can be on the edge of the dam or out in the middle, wherever you want to give it a try. Many anglers refer to this method as the “sit and wait game” because that is basically what you do. You present your bait and wait for a bite.

Whenever you go still fishing make sure you have a couple of anchors to keep your water craft in position. This will allow you to use several rods at a time without getting them tangled up.

Choose the Right Bait

This species has a very keen sense of smell and will go after about anything that has an odor. When going after the biggest cats in the dam consider using cut baits, provided this is permitted in the area where you are fishing. Catfish are also attracted to chicken livers, stink baits, minnows, crayfish and night crawlers. There are a number of homemade catfish baits that will offer some excellent results as well.

Always match the size of bait with the size of catfish that you think is in the area where you are fishing. If you’re not sure about the size, then try a variety of different sizes until you find the one that works the best. Check your hooks before you head out. It’s important that they are in good condition and very sharp.

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