Catch Catfish While Fishing In Lake Hesperia

Techniques Used

The best way to fish for catfish is by dropping your bait into the water and keeping it about six to ten inches off the bottom. The catfish are bottom feeders and do come closer to the surface, but for the most part they are located on the bottom waiting for their food. You can cast, troll or drift, but if you find the right area, you will wan to drop the bait just outside of the zone. Let the bait bring the cat to you. Never drop right into the zone. This will scare the catfish away.

Time of Day

You can catch catfish during the day, but nighttime fishing is the most popular for catfish fishing. Just at dusk and into the dark of night is when you will have the best results. You can fish during the day for cats, but you will have to be very well versed as to where the catfish are hiding during daylight hours.

You should try to fish once during the day and once at night to see what the best time is for you. If you fish at night, make sure to have a friend along. Fishing the dark waters alone is not recommended.

In conclusion, you will have a chance to catch a big catfish more so than if you would fish any other lake. Because the lake is kept stocked with some twenty-pound fish, you would have a nice meal out of one fish. The only thing that you might not like about fishing this lake is the restrictions on catch limits and the amount of time you have to fish before being asked to leave. Plan your technique, bait and location before paying your money to fish this lake. You do not want to waste any time after you get on the water.

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