Great bait for Texas catfish

Other Well-Known Baits

Not everyone has the stomach for stink baits or it may not be a good choice for you and that’s fine. There are other types of bait that can be used when fishing for the mighty catfish. These include clams, worms, shrimp, minnows, chicken blood and chicken livers. Cut baits are used quite often but make sure they are allowed in the area before using these.

Never skimp on the bait when fishing for the catfish. Give them enough to make a good meal so they will be interested enough to take your bait. You also need to choose the right size by trying to match the size of the catfish in the body of water in which you’re fishing. If you’re not sure, then experiment with different sizes until you find what works the best.

Texas offers many opportunities for some great catfish fishing. There are many lakes, rivers and reservoirs where the fishing is great. It’s interesting to know where the state records for each type of catfish were caught. The state record for the flathead was caught in Lake Palestine, the channel catfish record came out of Pedernales and the blue catfish record was caught in Lake Texoma. Who knows, you might reel in the next state record for one of these catfish.

The channel catfish can be caught all year long unless Texas is having an extremely cold winter. The spring and fall is the best time to fish for the other types of catfish. With so many places to go catfish fishing in Texas, it’s no wonder it’s consider one of the best states to live or visit if you enjoy reeling in those cats.

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