What to look for in catfish fishing poles

Things to Consider

Before you can choose the rod that best suits your catfish fishing needs you should determine which type of catfish you plan on seeking out. You need to take a little time and learn more about this particular species, their habitat and the foods they are the most attracted to. If you’re not sure or don’t have a preference then it’s suggested you find out what type of catfish is the most abundant in your area and choose a catfish fishing pole that is best suited for that type of catfish. You can always add to your collection later.

When fishing for catfish you need a pole that will be flexible enough to bend under their weight to prevent the rod from snapping into. However, you don’t want it to be too flexible or you will have a hard time reeling in that cat. The size of catfish in your area will determine how much flexibility you will need. If they are medium size then a fast-action or a moderate-action fishing pole should work out great.

As a general rule, the medium power fishing pole combined with a fast-action casting reel is great for catching channel cats. The moderate fast-action fishing poles are recommended when using baits that tend to get slung off the hook when casting out your line. The heavy-action fishing poles and spinning reels are recommended for the flathead and blue catfish and when jigging the fast-action and medium power fishing poles work great. Having the right combination of fishing pole and reel is the key to your success but in order to find that prefect combination, you may need experiment with different set-ups to find what works best for you.

Everything from your location, the type of bait you use, the size of the catfish and the type of water in which you are fishing will be a factor in which catfish fishing pole would suit your needs the best. The information found here is a guide that will give you a better understanding of the catfish fishing pole and help you to narrow down your options a little so you can better choose the right combination.

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