Tips for catfish fishing in Texas

Different Types of Catfish

Knowing a little about the different types of catfish and when they are the most abundant will help to make all of your fishing trips more enjoyable and productive. If you’re seeking out the flathead catfish the best time to go fishing is at night. This is when they are the most active. Shiners and churbs are the best baits to use for this species.

The blue catfish can be found in the major rivers and it’s recommended you fish with stink baits, cut baits and live shiners. The blue cats will eat crayfish, frogs, mollusks and other fish too but the recommended baits will yield you the best results. They make their home in logs, under brush and around structures.

If it’s the white catfish that you’re interested in these can be found in canals, creeks, streams and the small rivers. They eat insects, aquatic plants and the eggs of other fish species. You won’t have much luck fishing for the white cat at night so the best time to go fishing for this species is the early morning and late afternoon.

The channel catfish can normally be found anytime of the year. They are plentiful and will put up a great fight that you will remember. Most any bait will work well for the channel cat. In the event Texas is experiencing an unusually cold winter, you may not find any channel catfish in the area until the weather warms up. This is unusual but it does happen occasionally. The spring and fall seasons are always great times to go catfish fishing in the Lonestar state. If you have never been fishing for catfish in Texas it’s something you should try the next time you’re in the area. You won’t be disappointed.

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