Where To Catch Channel Catfish In Toronto Canada

Of course, another advantage to luring channel catfish in Lake Ontario in Toronto is the opportunity you have to also enjoy the city of Toronto. How many places are there to fish for channel catfish while at the same time enjoying all that a large metropolitan area has to offer? As you walk along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and its docks, you will have the opportunity to talk with other fishermen who share your avid interest in pursuing the ultimate catch–a channel catfish. Enjoy the restaurants along the quay. It will inspire you to get up early the next day to begin your quest for that prized channel catfish.

While fishing for channel catfish in Toronto at Lake Ontario, remember that channel catfish are rarely ever caught with artificial bait. Sometimes you can catch a channel catfish by hand. This is called “grabbing” or “noodling”. This is not a recommended technique, obviously, if you are trying to catch a channel catfish that has reached a maximum size of 60 pounds. Usually, a 1/0 bait holder hook is great to catch a channel catfish of almost any size.

Going out to catch a channel catfish can be a great experience as long as you have a lot of patience and use your knowledge of their seasonal migration patterns. Channel catfish are not happy with cold weather so when Toronto gets cold in winter, do not expect to do any great channel catfish fishing by the end of October. Of course, you could “follow” the channel catfish downstream,or better yet, go to Toronto in late spring and summer when the channel catfish are more plentiful in Lake Ontario because the warmer weather has returned. You and the channel catfish will be far happier during the warmer months in Toronto!

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