How To Catch Catfish With Dip Bait

As you can see, your choices are almost limitless. Catfish are scavenger fish so they will eat just about anything. Other dip baits that are a good choice are shrimp or sardines. If you are using fish for dip bait, be sure that when you cut it up, you use the head. As gruesome as it sounds, catfish go for the eyes, so be sure the head of the fish is part of your dip bait. It may not sound good to us, but to a catfish it is a real delicacy.

The best way to catch catfish with dip bait is to be sure the dip bait really stinks. Always remember that catfish use their sense of smell to “see”. You want them to “see” the bait, so be sure that bait really stinks. The worse it smells, the better the dip bait, and the more successful you will be in catching that catfish.

Just in case the dip baits that have already been mentioned are not appealing to you (even though they will be highly appealing to the catfish), you can find thousands of recipes out on the Internet that you can prepare to catch your catfish. It is simply amazing what ingredients are used in dip bait, and the effort that some fishermen will go to in order to create the perfect dip bait to catch a catfish.

Some recipes use ingredients like peanut butter, beef bullion, and crackers mixed together in a blender. Others recipes read like a Halloween concoction: dead minnows, water, parmesan cheese, cherry jello, molasses,onion salt, garlic salt, bread crumbs, soy sauce, and flour all blended together and rolled into balls. Sounds tasty, doesn’t it? If you are a catfish, it is absolutely a gourmet treat. Another dip bait recipe uses Velveeta cheese and minnows mixed together.

Catfish are true scavengers, eating just about anything. Just remember: to catch a catfish be sure your bait really stinks. Happy fishing!!

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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