3 Illinois Catfish Secrets

There are other fruits that are going to attract the cats and create a scent trail.  Persimmons are often used in the southern states and work well for most cat types.  They are particularly popular with the blue catfish.  If none of the stinky bait you are using is working to catch the catfish, try some fruit.  You are going to want to bring plenty of it when you are fishing.  As stated previously, you can eat it if the fish are not biting on it so it is not going to be a total waste.

3.      Where to Find Channel Cats in Illinois
Channel cats are very common in Illinois.  They are tasty and fun to catch.  With this type of popularity, finding areas where they are prolific and not over fished can be a problem.  One spot where the channel cats are extremely prolific with no signs of slowing down is the Rock River Basin.  This area is ripe for those who want to try their hand at catfishing.

There are many hot spots on the river that are chock full of the catfish that anglers are seeking.  This long river produces large catfish, some of trophy size all times of the year.  You can take the other two tips that were offered and use them on this river quite effectively.  Other baits such as stinky bait, bluegills, sunfish and spinners will get the cats biting as well.

These tips will help you get the maximum amount of catfish when you go fishing.  Whether you are angling for trophies or to stock the freezer with fish, you will have more success if you bring the first two items with out as a back up to your normal bait.

Creating scent trails for picky catfish can take some trial and error, but if you offer up a variety, you will have more success.

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