4 techniques for fishing catfish ponds

Once you hook a catfish you need to be ready for the struggle because they will fight you when you start reeling them in. This is why you need a good strong rod and reel that will hold up to the struggle. It would be a shame to catch a big catfish only to lose it because your fishing line snapped in two.

Catfish Pond Fishing Tips

You can use the same bait to catch catfish in a pond that you use in other bodies of water although, as a general rule, pond catfish seem to be partial to shrimp. Other good baits include chicken livers, shad, worms, cheese bait and other smaller fish. Always use good sharp hooks when seeking out the catfish so they will go through the thick mouths of these fish. The circle hooks are preferred by experienced anglers because they do work great.

The best time to go pond fishing for catfish would be around late evening and early morning. You can also go anytime throughout the night. They can be caught during the day but most of the time they’re not as easy to catch when the sun is high in the sky. If you’re new to catfish fishing or if you’re searching for a great place to teach kids how to fish, the pond would be an excellent choice. There’s more privacy and it’s a nice relaxing environment where you can have a great time together.

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