4 tips to catch more Mississippi catfish

The catfish is plentiful in Mississippi and they’re one of the most sought out game fish in this area. They can be found in all types of water throughout Mississippi and you can find different species of catfish in these waters. For example, you can fish for the channel, white, flathead or blue catfish, whichever one interest you the most.

The more you know about the catfish in general and the specific type of catfish you’re seeking out, the more productive you can be. For example, most catfish are bottom feeders and can be found on the bottom of the water. Nevertheless, this is not always the case. They can often be found suspended a couple of feet above the bottom and in the shallow water during certain times of the year.

Another misconception is that the catfish is a lazy fish that won’t go after its meal. This may be the case sometimes but the catfish is also a predatory fish. This means they will strike at anything that invades their territory and if they’re hungry, they will go after their bait. They have even been caught on fast moving bass lures from time to time.

Mississippi Catfish Fishing Tips
To help improve your Mississippi catfish fishing trip you can use some of the tips that have been passed down throughout the generations by experienced anglers who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others. These tips are often things that would take new angler years to learn on their own so, it can save you lots of time and aggravation.

All catfish are different and can be attracted in a variety of different ways but there are a few tips that apply to all types of catfish. Some of these are discussed below and they can help to increase the number of bites you get on any given fishing trip.

4 tips to catch more Mississippi catfish:

1. Look for sandbars, rocks and similar areas where the baitfish can be found. Many times the catfish will come up to these areas to feed. If you fish in the shallows around these areas you can often find a lot of catfish willing to take your bait.
2. Jug fishing is very popular when fishing for catfish in Mississippi. This is a simple and inexpensive method that can yield excellent results.
3. Fish around the mouth of inlets or the main channel of the inlets where the water is steadily moving. The baitfish is usually plentiful in this area. Therefore, the catfish hide out in structures and the deepest parts of these areas waiting for their meal to swim by.
4. When possible fish around the pillars of bridges and piers. These areas are usually filled with catfish and they can be reached by boat or from land.

These tips can greatly improve the number of bites you get when catfish fishing in Mississippi and help you bring home a nice catch.

More about Catfish Fishing
The catfish is an amazing species that have been sought out for centuries. Some of them can grow to astounding sizes making them one of the most challenging species around. Even the small ones will fight and struggle until the very end so you can imagine how difficult it will be to reel in one of the big boys.

Anyone can catch catfish no matter how much experience you have and you don’t need any special equipment to catch them. Still, heavy duty fishing rods, reels and other tackle is recommended to prevent you from losing your catch when they start fighting against you. A large catfish can easily snap a rod or break fishing line into if it’s not strong enough or if it’s made from poor quality.

You can fish for the mighty catfish from a boat, pier, bridge or shoreline all with excellent results. Generally, the best time to seek out the catfish is during the night because they seem to feed the most aggressively during these hours but they can be fished most anytime. You just may need to be more patient and persistent during the day.

They will also be more active on overcast days and when the water temperature is cool. Therefore, spring and fall are the best seasons to go fishing for catfish. They will be less active in the summer when the water is hot and in the winter when the water turns cold. Since they have such a strong sense of smell, they can often be fished in muddy water where they bury themselves in the mud and wait for food to come swimming by.

Mississippi is an excellent place to go catfish fishing because the water in this state makes the perfect habitat for them to grow and thrive. In fact, some of the largest cats recorded where caught in this state. Therefore, if you’re seeking out a trophy fish or just an excellent place to catch catfish, Mississippi is the best place to be.

Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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