3 Catfishing Tricks

What if you preferred the sit- and -wait game of Still-fishing?  Still-fishing from the bank, just like most catfishermen is good or you can fish from a stationary boat.

The first thing you should bear in mind when still fishing is positioning. An area where there is more cat action is very ideal. You can cast below a river dam. You can also like many fishermen, set up at the junction of two rivers or at tributaries. Fallen trees at the bank of a deep pool near a bend in the river can yield very good catches. Make sure you use good rod holders with sturdy long spikes at the bottom for targeted and secure placement.

If you are still-fishing from a boat, you will have to position your craft, anchoring sideways in good holes. With this, you have spread out your rods to cover more water, avoiding tangles. Find out the catfishing spots and targeting accordingly, Position your boat to gain the best access to the chosen structure and then cast your bait in expectation of the bite that brings the catch.

If you know the how of Drift-fishing in catfishing, you’ll agree that it is an active approach that makes the cats finds your bait more easily.  Success in drift fishing entails caution. If you are drifting a bobber rig, keep your rod tip high. With most of the line kept off the water, a better rig control is what you get.

Now here are some few other simple catfishing tips to observe for a better

You need your hooks to be needle-sharp. Use a fingernail to run each point.  Hone or replace those hooks that just skate across the nail but do not catch.  You may leave the barb exposed instead of burying your hook in bait.

If you bank-fish, always use long rods. Advantages of using this includes increased casting distance, a better reach and properly around cover, better bait control, fighting power and hook setting.

Doing a quick rig works. Just place a lead jighead with some shad chunks or even a herring impaled on the hook and get ready for another quick catch.Catching catfishes can be possible using the traditional methods.

But the truth is that the tips and tricks above can help you do better catches even when other tactics fail. Get ready for increased catches.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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