Five secrets of catching Alabama catfish

If you have a fish locator, you can find the baitfish schools, but you are better off in the water depths of about three feet or deeper if you are fishing the daylight hours. The catfish will feed during the day, but everyone knows that catfish are night predators.

Times to fish for catfish are better at night. However, you can get lucky during the day. The catfish will be around dead wood and brush in waters about three feet deep. They will hide under the deadwood until the night brings darkness over the water. If you fish at night, you are going to fish the water depths of about ten feet or less. Some cats will be deeper, but again this will depend on the type of catfish and their size. The big ones always tend to stay deep and protected. Early morning or after dark is the best times to fish if not during the middle of the night.

With time, you will start seeing you techniques improve and the amount of catfish you catch increase. There is no reason to leave any lake empty handed when you know about the area, the water, the bait to use and the best presentation. You will have no problems filling your boat with enough catfish to enjoy a great catfish dinner. If you have more than what you need for the table, you can leave some behind or you can fillet them and freeze them for the next meal. Just make sure to use a sealed freezer bag and do not freeze them longer than a few months if possible.

If you want to catch catfish in Alabama, you should follow these tips and you should have a good day. Make sure you keep quiet and do not disturb the water so much. The catfish will spook easily and that means that you will have to look for them somewhere else. Find your location and stay with it until you catch a few.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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