Great Bait for Catfish

Garlic seems to be the best additive to any catfish bait recipe. The catfish favor the garlic. You can use any bait and add garlic to it to add to the smell. The garlic can be added to the chicken livers, dough balls, cheese and even the soap. Whatever you have to bait the catfish can use a little garlic to favor. The smell will attract the cats before you know it. Use a lot of garlic and you will see many bites on the line without moving from location to location.

Dough balls are popular for mixing with other smelly baits when you use soap, cheese, garlic or even fish guts, you can make a doughy mixture and blend in the other baits to form a hard ball. If you use the dough ball, you can buy a bait sack or make your own out of nylons. The nylon bags will keep the bait together on the hook so that you do not lose it if it softens in the water. Mix and blend anything with the dough to make a good catfish bait and you have the cats eating right out of your hand so to speak.

In all, catfish baits are all great. As long as it smells and repels you, it is the greatest bait you can use. As you can see, the bait just has to be stinky to make a difference in whether you catch a catfish or not. If you need some good recipes, you can find them everywhere or use your imagination and you will come up with the best catfish bait as long as it smells. Just keep in mind that the more it smells the better it is to attract the catfish. There is no chumming needed when you use stinky baits.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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