How to pick the right catfishing pole

For winter fishing for catfish, small hooks also will get you better results. It works for both small fishes and the big ones. With a cold and calm winter water, the catfish looks finicky, to get them out of the water, you must try not to spook them.

Know when to change your hooks and poles. Though bigger hooks work, if you use something bigger than 2/0 hook, some cats bites then drop the hooks fiercely as if it were hot. In some cases where you are fishing in well fished locations, this is what you see. The solution therefore is to know when to substitute poles and hooks for better results.

During spring, the fishes are not so finicky, so bigger hooks like a 6/0 baitholder can be used to get good catches. These are good and work well when the location seem to have some floodwater situation present. Fishes get naturally aggressive in flood situations and they in that mood can grab on to

Have you considered using the right size of pole and hook for whatever bait you are using? You need a bigger bait to catch bigger fishes and smaller ones for smaller fishes.

Ok there are lots of rod types, poles and so on. And the hooks come in various sizes and fit various catfishes according to size, variety, whether situation and the fishing rate in your area. Although many fishermen like using the 3/0 baitholder, others will also work if you rightly know how to make use of it. You may prefer a particular type of hook or pole, but if you really want to make a continues bountiful catch, you have to be broad based in the sizes of hooks, poles and baits you use. Have those in their number at hand so that you can be well prepared for the challenges of fishes you encounter.  You can even figure out something that can be more workable yourself.

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