Secrets for Catching Catfish in Louisiana

Gear for catfish fishing in Louisiana is the same as it would be anywhere else except you might want a heavier test line. The cats down south get big and can put stress on a ten or twenty-pound test line. If you are going for the big ones, you should prepare with a thirty to forty-pound test line. The rod should be heavier than what you would use for other species since you want to have a rod that can handle the fight. You are going to have a fight on your hands when you hook a catfish.

In all, secrets for catching catfish in Louisiana are no different from what they are anywhere else, except you are going to catch some very big fish. The fishing is extraordinary in the south, especially if you are fishing for cats.

You just need to have a positive outlook when you are fishing catfish. Take your gear and set out on the lake for a day of fun and excitement. If you do catch a big one, it is going to give you a workout, so be prepared. The bigger the fish, the bigger the fight will be and you are going to work hard for that catch.

You can easily fish days or nights, but you do have to follow the regulations of that specific water. Louisiana is fairly regular and most regulations will be the same wherever you fish. If you are fishing on catfish farms so to speck, you may have some strict rules to follow, but most do not hamper you catching any fish. Whatever you do, make sure that you have the bait and gear that you need to catch a trophy catfish to take home. You will want to remember that moment when you tell the story of how you caught the big one.

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