5 Tips for Winter Catfish Fishing

3.      You need to use your depth finder to find the deeper parts of the lakes or rivers.  The cats are going to be congregated near these deep holes.  It is not going to take much to catch some cats when you know where to find them in the winter months.  You can also look for areas where there are bends in the river as they prefer these spots as well.

Sticking to the areas where the catfish are known to be in the winter months is going to give you a better chance at catching them.  Obviously there is not point in fishing for catfish in areas that they scorn in the winter months.  They are also going to be looking for warm water inlets such as springs and areas such as this.  If you know where these channels are, you are going to more likely to catch these fish in the winter.

4.      While larger hooks and baits are the norm in the summer months of fishing, the exact opposite is true in the winter months.  The fish are not going to hit the bait or strike it as aggressively as they do in the summer months.  The cats are in a slower state to preserve their body heat.  By using a smaller hook and bait, you are going to allow the fish to nibble at it and you can then hook the fish that way.  There are not going to be any large and voracious strikes.

It can be tricky knowing when these soft hits are being taken on your bait and hook.  You are going to need to pay more attention to the rods and the feel when you get these nibbles.  Wait for the fish to take the hook before setting it.  When the attack is hard, you will know it, in some cases, you may not even know you have a fish on the line until you begin to reel in.

5.      Change the bait frequently.  The cold water is not going to hold a scent trail for long periods of time.  It is important that the bait scent reaches the fish.  By changing the bait, you need to continuously keep the scent trail active and you are going to have more success at catching a cat in the winter months.

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Dan Eggertsen is a fellow catfish fishing enthusiast to the point of obsession. :) He's been providing solid advice on catfish fishing since 2004.

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