5 Tips on catfish in Texas

When fishing for catfish you need the bait to stay on the bottom so you’ll need to use a sinker. It’s recommended that you choose the smallest ones you can find that will do the job. If you go too large they can be more distracting than anything else.

When you do get a bite it’s important to give the fish a few seconds to actually swallow the bait before trying to set the hook so you won’t pull it out of the mouth and lose your catch. When you do reel in a catfish be careful when you’re removing the hook so you don’t get stuck by the fins. It’s a good idea to wear gloves and use a pair of pliers to take the hook out.

If you’re new to the area it’s always a good idea to go fishing with someone who knows where the hotspots are located. This way, you don’t have to waste time in places where you know the catfish won’t be. However, if you don’t know anyone, you can always get a map of the area that will help you find your way around the lake or river until you get familiar with it. You can also find information about the area at local bait and tackle shops that can be very useful.

Some of the most well-known areas to go catfish fishing in Texas include Lake
Conroe, Lake Travis, Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir, Cooper Lake, Belton Lake and Cedar Creek Reservoir. Of course, this doesn’t even begin to cover all of the places you can go catfish fishing in Texas because there will be a place to go no matter where you live or where you’re visiting.

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