Five Great Catfishing Methods You Need to Use

The Slipweight method will allow the bait to sit on the bottom of the lake and is an excellent choice when nighttime fishing in shallow waters. The Multibait normally yields some great results because it allows you to fish with different baits at the same time. It’s easy to use making it prefect for the novice catfish angler.

Jug Fishing for Catfish

The method of jug fishing may not be as well-known as rigging but it does have some advantages. The concept of this method is simple. You tie a fishing line with a hook and bait onto a jug and place it in the water. You can secure the jugs or allow them to free float, whichever you prefer. Check them often to see if you have a bite or if you need to change the bait and try again. It’s a great method for newbie’s that are just learning how to catch catfish.

Catfishing with Limb Lines

If you’re not familiar with limb lines it’s a method that involves tying your line to a tree. The line needs to be long enough to reach to the bottom of the water and the limb that you use should be flexible. You can bait each limb line with different bait but make sure you check them often. You don’t want to keep a catfish hooked for too long at a time. Circle hooks work very well with this method and you can put out as many limb lines as you like.

Catfishing with Throw Lines

The throw line method is one of the easiest there is to set up and they are most often used when fishing in rivers. Attach one side of the line to a tree and the other end has a weight tied to it. You can throw the line from one side of the river out towards the center of the water or carry the weighted end out by boat, it’s up to you. The average throw line is thirty feet long and holds fifteen hooks. Bait up the hooks and you’re ready to start fishing. As with the other methods used for catfishing, check your line often.

All five of these methods have been used by anglers throughout the history of catfish fishing and they have been proven to be very effective. Before you head out on a fishing trip it’s always a good idea to take along a friend for safety reasons. Nighttime is the best time to go catfishing and it’s best to not be out on the waters at night alone even if you are an experienced angler.

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