Information You Need To Know Before You Go Flathead Catfish Fishing

What to Expect

The flathead don’t grow as large as the blue cats but that doesn’t mean that you can let your guard down. Flatheads are energetic and they have even been called ferocious by many anglers. They will put up one incredible fight that will leave you feeling a little exhausted after the battle is over.

Keep in mind that the bigger the flathead the bigger the bait should be. You need to match the size of your bait according to the size of the flathead in the area where you’re fishing. If you’re not sure about the size of the flathead in your area, you can always experiment with different size baits until you find the one that works the best.

If you’re using lures to fish for the flathead, your presentation is very important. You will need to get the lure down to the bottom where they are located and then move it around in front of the fish in order to get its attention. By using a technique that allows you to skip the lure along the bottom of the water, you will be mimicking the action of a live fish and entice the flathead to take the bait. You may need to practice in order to get the right speed and action that will get the most attention.

Once you do land a flathead its important that you handle them carefully. On each side of their head are located two spines that are very sharp and poisonous. If you are struck by one of these it can cause severe pain and become infected. The poison is not deadly but it can cause you some serious problems.

You never know when they will start to jerk and wiggle around so be careful. It’s recommended you wear a thick pair of gloves or use a towel to wrap around your hands when handling the flathead. You should also use the proper tool to remove the hook to reduce the risk of being struck.

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