Three Tips for Catfishing in Illnois

Since catfish are the most aggressive at night this is when many anglers plan their fishing trips. It’s a well-known fact that the bigger catfish are more aggressive at night than during the daytime. However, the catfish is not the only thing that bites at night. The mosquitoes can be really rough so you’re going to want to take along some bug spray. Pack your lantern, flashlight and a light jacket along with your tackle box.

Speaking of tackle boxes, be sure yours is well-stocked with a variety of lures, extra fishing line, hooks, pliers and all the other necessities needed to reel in the fish. It’s a good idea to go through your tackle every so often to get rid of old worn out items and replace these with new, modern ones. Always check your hooks to make sure their good and sharp and in good condition. A dull hook won’t go through the thick, tough skin of a catfish.

Illinois Summer Catfish Fishing

Summer catfishing in Illinois can be a little different than any other time of the year. The catfish prefer cool highly oxygenated waters so this is where you need to start searching for them. They will hang out around dams, points and any type of structure where they can seek shelter whether it’s natural or man-made.

They can also be found along the flats that are located around river channels. By the end of the summer when the weather starts to cool down and the water temperature begins to drop, the catfish will become a little more aggressive than they’ve been during the hot summer months.

It’s recommended that you don’t use stink baits or cut baits during this time of year. The warm water can make these baits quite unpleasant to be around and they’re not as effective during the summer as they are when the weather is cool. Night crawlers, clams, dipbaits and similar baits will work great. Keep the bait down on the bottom where the catfish are located so you can entice them to strike.

Catfishing is a great way to enjoy your free time even during the heat of the summer. If you apply the three tips listed above to your next catfishing trip, you are sure to see an improvement in the number of catfish that you start reeling in. Have a great time Illinois catfishing!

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