Catfish Punch Bait

The last step is to place the mixture into a soap mold or a bowl and let it set for three to four days until it hardens. It is then ready to use and you are ready to go fishing.

Dough Balls- Use a base such as cookie dough, bread or peanut butter. Now put it in a bucket with something that smells disgusting and potent such as chicken livers, garlic powder or rotten cheese. Mix the balls around in the stinky mixture until they soak up the smell. You may want to put them inside and seal the lid and leave it for a couple of days so it becomes really potent.

Then you will want to measure out the dough or other substance and place it in a sealed container for storage. When you’re ready to fix, you simply pull off pieces and mold it around your hook before dropping it in the water.

An important thing to remember about all catfish punch baits is that they need to be fresh when used. Catfish will really only respond to fresh bait. This is why the freezing method is so popular with many fishermen.

These popular types of punch bait work great for catching catfish. You may tweak them as you see fit and adjust them so that you get the best results from your fishing adventures but the general guidelines are the same. We hope that you find this information useful in helping you reel in some big cat.

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