Good Catfish Bait Recipes

Bait is very popular and used to attract the catfish to the spot where you are fishing. Place your main ingredient into a bucket and make sure that you chop it up good. This could be shrimp, mullet, shad or other bait fish. Next, add surf water or bay to the main ingredient and grind it up in a blender.

Place this mixture in plastic freezer bags in small portions and then freeze it.

When you are ready to use it, you can lower the frozen mixture about half down to the bottom of the water and let the water thaw it out or have it partly thawed when you go out and shake it over the area where you plan to fish. Either way will allow the smell to be released in the water and this will draw the catfish to your location.

The reason stink bait is so popular for catching catfish is because this species has such a sensitive smell they are automatically drawn to this type of bait.

Many anglers believe that the worse the bait smells the better the results they will receive. This is why using cheese as one of the main ingredients for catfish bait is so popular.

The main thing that you need to make sure of when using homemade catfish bait is that it is fresh when you use it. Therefore, you don’t want to make more than what you will need for any given fishing trip. If you go fishing often and need to prepare enough to last for a few weeks at a time, then just make sure that you only take enough to use for each trip and keep the rest frozen until you are ready for it. That way it will still be fresh when you take it out.

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