Mississippi Catfishing

Flathead catfish are known for being the second largest of the catfish species.
This is the reason why they are so sought after. The best place to find them will be in and around large structures and logs that are submerged underwater.
The best time to fish for the flathead is during the night because this is when they feed the most aggressively. They will go after chubs and live shiners the best so it is always a good idea to have a supply of these available when you go out.

The Blue Catfish is the most sought after and can be found in rivers that are fed by large streams. They feed mostly on mollusks, frogs, invertebrates and crayfish. Their keen sense of smell helps them find their food so stink baits and cut baits work really well. These catfish will also be found in hollowed out logs and other structures.

Once you locate the catfish, catching them should be a breeze. You do need to go prepared by taking a pair of gloves and pliers with you for removing the hook from the fish you catch. If you get stuck by the fin of this species it can be painful and ruin a great fishing trip. So go prepared and be careful.

Make it a point to learn and follow the rules of the lakes and rivers in Mississippi to ensure that you always follow the regulations of this state. Put your safety first and have a great time while Mississippi catfish fishing.

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