3 Catfish Grappling Tips

You can wear thick gloves and even scuba gear when grappling to help protect yourself. It could save you from a lot of scrapes and cuts that you can get from being knocked into rocks and ledges by the catfish or even from a strong current. They can also help protect you a little from the catfish and other creatures of the water.

Never go grappling alone, it’s simply too risky. You should have someone with you in case you get hurt or in the event you need help getting the catfish lose if he bites down on your hand and arm and decides not to let go. The bigger the catfish, the more danger of it doing you harm.

Dangers of Grappling
There are many dangers involved in grappling and you should be aware of these before you venture out. If you get stuck by a catfish it can be very painful but that’s only a small danger compared to some of the other things that could happen. Catfish can bite and they often do when something invades their home.

Some of the larger catfish have been know to bite off fingers and to peel the skin right off your hand and arm. Sometimes, they’ll even ram into you if they see you coming ahead of time.

Other dangers include running into poisonous snakes and snapping turtles. After all, you don’t really have a clue what is lurking underneath the murky water or in the holes where you’re sticking your hands. When you encounter either of these, it could be very serious or even deadly. When grappling, you always have to expect the unexpected and be ready for anything.

When you tell people that you’ve been grappling, they will either envy you or think that you’re completely nuts. However, if you’re trying to find a stimulating and thrilling way to fish, it may be the very thing that you’re searching for. Provided you’re both physically and mentally ready for this much excitement. You do need to check with the rules and regulations in your area because some states have restrictions on this type of fishing and some don’t allow it at all.

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