3 Tips For Skinning Catfish

Basic Steps for Skinning a Catfish
The basic steps for skinning a catfish are pretty simple and easy to follow. Use the steps listed below and you should find skinning your next catfish to be easier than you expected.

First, drive the nail all the way through the board so it will be ready to use when you need it. Take the catfish and check to make sure he is dead, then cut a slit through the skin behind the gills and take out all the organs. Take care to not puncture the organs while making the cuts.

Make two or three cuts down the length of the catfish to get it ready and to help make the skin easier to peel off.

Hold each fin with a pair of pliers and cut them away from the body of the fish.Drive the head of the catfish through the nail on the board. You can nail the board to a tree or some other surface to help keep it secure.

Use the pliers to slowly peel off the skin starting at the head and working your way down. After all the sections have been peeled off, you can cut off the head and tail of the catfish.

Now cut the fish lengthwise on both sides over the ribs starting from the tail and working up towards the head. Remove the bones and your filets are ready to cook.

After doing it for a few times you will be able to skin a cat with no problems at all. It just takes some practice and a strong stomach. The tips listed above will make the process go smoother so you can take care of the skinning process fast and easy. This way you can move on to the best part of your fishing trip.

Eating your catch!
There are many different recipes available for cooking catfish that are simply delicious. You may already have your own but if not or if you would like to try different things, then use the Internet to do a little research. You will find all types of easy to prepare catfish recipes this way.

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