5 Indiana Catfish Secrets

Many bass fishermen have ended up with a catfish on the end of their line while fishing for bass. They’re not very picking so if it looks tasty and it invades their space, they will strike.

Know Where to Fish – Some of the best catfish fishing in Indiana can be found in the following lakes: Dogwood Lake, Brookville Lake, Lake Michigan, James
Lake, Monroe Lake, Lake Maxinkuckee, Patoka Lake, Lake Wawasee, Cecil M Hardin Lake, Lake Freeman and Salamonie Lake. There are also several reservoirs that are well-known for their cats, these include the following: Morse Reservoir, Turtle Creek Reservoir, Eagle Creek Reservoir, Prairie Creek Reservoir, Mississinewa Reservoir and Geist Reservoir.

It’s also interesting to know that the state record for the flathead catfish was caught in the White River. The blue catfish state record came from the Ohio River and the state record for the white catfish came from a private pond.

The catfish can be difficult to reel in and once you have him on dry land, getting the hook out can be just as hard. He can be very aggressive and some of them can do lots of damage if you get stuck by a fin or bit by the cat. For this reason, most anglers carry a pair of thick gloves and a hook remover with them on all of their fishing trips. You can also use a pair of pliers if you don’t already have a hook remover although, they are a great investment.

You should also carry along a number of other supplies with you when you go Indiana catfish fishing. Always take extra gear because you normally lose a few hooks and lines get snapped into. Catfish have even been known to break a few rods from time to time. You should also carry some things to make your fishing trip more pleasant such as snacks, beverages and if you’re fishing from shore, a comfortable chair. This way, if you’re having a great time and the catfish are cooperating, you can stay as long as you want and take advantage of the good fishing.

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