Best Places For Catfishing In Arizona

Southwestern parts of Arizona are great for catfishing. This area of Arizona is where you wan to be if you want flatheads because this area is abundant with water that holds the flatheads. You will find channel and flathead catfish in Alamo Reservoir, Bill Williams River, Martinez Lake Marine, Fishers Landing, Imperial Oasis, Laguna Dam, Yuma Canals, Salinity Canal, Gila River and Mitty Lake. The flathead population is high in this area while channels are higher as well, but also in the central parts of Arizona.

If you want to have a good day or night for catfish, you will wan to choose one of these locations to fish. There are always fish to caught, but you have to know where to look in the waters as well. You can look at fishing reports and maps of the water you are thinking about fishing, see where the hot bites are, and find out what time of day the bite is going on. There is a limit in some areas and that should be another consideration.

Any of these fishing holes will keep you busy. As you can see, there are many places to fish in every area of Arizona. Whether you want to fish for relaxation or for the dinner table, you will have somewhere to go. You can fish the deeper waters with a boat or some areas have great shoreline fishing at night. You will find small catfish, large catfish and in between catfish to catch. All you need to take with you is the rod and reel, bait and a flashlight or lantern for night fishing.

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