How To Cook Catfish

You do need to be careful when cooking catfish and make sure you keep your eye on them. This is not a food that you can throw in the pan and walk away from. That is if you want the fish to be cooked at its best so you can enjoy all the flavor catfish fillets have to offer.

It is important to know what catfish fillets should look like when they are thoroughly cooked to avoid under-cooking or over-cooking. Before you place the catfish in the pan you will notice that it is a translucent color. It will turn white when it is fully cooked. The fillet of catfish should also reach an internal temperature of 150 degrees. Don’t cook it too long because the catfish fillet will begin to flake apart when it is overcooked and it will be very dry.

Breading catfish is also an option that many people prefer when cooking a meal. Breading catfish before cooking is very easy. To bread your catfish all you need to do is mix corn mill with milk or eggs. Stir up the mixture until it is the right consistency to stick to the fillets. Place each fillet in the mixture until it is fully covered and then fry or bake.

Catching the catfish is almost as fun as eating them. It is a great to have the opportunity to go out on the lake and enjoy a relaxing day reeling in the catfish. It is a wonderful way for families to spend time together or for friends to get together and have a great time. Not only is this species of fish fun and exciting to catch but after the trip is over everyone gets to sit down and enjoy the delicious meal they brought home.

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