Three Catfish Knots

How to Tie a Dropper Loop

The dropper loop, sometimes called the blood loop knot, is used the most on bait rigs and fishing lines with more than one hook. It’s also great for attaching flies for spin fishing. It can be placed in the middle of the line or just above the sinker. It’s a very simple knot to learn how to tie so it’s great for all types of anglers whether they’re young, old, experienced or a beginner.

Start by making a loop in the line where you want the dropper line to be and then pass the loop around itself about three to six times depending on what pound test line you’re using. The heavier the line, the more loops you’ll need.

Next, put the opposite side of the loop through the center of the wraps that you just made. The size of the dropper will depend on how large of a loop you started with. Now, slowly and carefully pull the knot tight and try to keep it even while tightening.

It’s always recommended that you lubricate the area of line where the knot is being tied right before you start to tighten them. Do this on all of the knots that you make. This will help you to pull the knot tighter making it more secure. Therefore, it’s a very important step that you need to make sure you use each time you tie any fishing knot.

Now that you know how important a simple knot can be, it’s time to start practicing so you can improve your knot tying. This in turn, will improve the amount of success you have every time you go fishing. Once you learn how to successfully tie the three catfish knots listed above, you can start learning a variety of different ones.

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