Three Missouri Catfish Techniques

Bottom Fishing – Since most of the catfish species spend the majority of their time on the bottom of the water, this is a great technique to use. It’s important that you use methods that allow you to get the bait on the bottom where the cats are. This is where most of the blue cats and flatheads will be found. Using the vertical method will help you get your bait down to the bottom where these species are. Most anglers will use two or three rods at a time when bottom fishing to get the maximum effect.

Trotline – This is a technique that works the best in the spring and fall but you can give it a try anytime. Simply run a line across the narrow part of a lake or river. You can always tie one end to a tree on one side of the water. Then anchor the other side anywhere in the water with weights if it’s too wide to stretch the line all the way across. Tie fishing lines with hooks at the end of the lines at certain intervals along the trotline. Bait the hooks and use weights to keep the bait at the bottom where the catfish are located. Use a variety of baits on each line and you’ll increase your odds of getting good bites. Make sure you check your trotline often and remove the fish your catch promptly.

Before using a trotline, it’s recommended that you check the rules and regulations of Missouri for the area in which you’re fishing to make sure you are completely clear on what they are. This is very important because the laws for trotlines can be very strict and different in each location. You don’t want to get in trouble or fined heavily for breaking the law.

Using the three Missouri catfish techniques above can help you reel in a nice catch so you can have a great time fishing each time you go out. You can turn every trip into a fun and exciting adventure with the right technique and a little planning. Start making arrangement for your next Missouri catfish fishing trip today.

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