Three Secrets for Texas Catfishing

They have a strong sense of smell and this is what they use to locate their food.
Stink baits are easy to come by. You can purchase them from your local bait and tackle store, order it online or make your own. You can find many excellent recipes that work great. However, as a general rule, never use stink baits in water that is warmer than sixty degrees. The smell will simply be too overpowering.

When stink bait is not an option, the next best bait to use in Texas is live bait. The main concern when using live bait is to make sure it stays fresh. Otherwise, it won’t have the same effect. Some great options for live bait include night crawlers, grasshoppers, crawdads, shad and minnows. Always check out the natural baitfish in the area and this will help you know which one to start with for the best and fastest results. You can also use chicken livers, clams, chicken blood and shrimp to catch many types of catfish.

Spring and fall is usually the best time to go fishing for cats in Texas with the exception of the channel cat. These can normally be caught all year long.

Where to Go Fishing In Texas

There are many different places to go fishing in Texas and all of them can be very productive. Use the tips listed above and you can surly reel in a nice catch each time you go out. Below are a few of the Lakes and Reservoir that are the most popular in Texas for catfishing:
Belton Lake
Lake Buchanan
Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir
Lake Palestine
Cedar Creek Reservoir
Lake Travis
Lake Conroe
Cooper Lake

These may be some of the most popular hot spots to find catfish in the Lonestar state but there are many more. In fact, there are so many places to fish, there’s no way all of them could be named here. Still, here are three more bodies of water in which the state records were caught. The state record for the blue cat came out of Lake Texoma, the flathead record came from Lake Palestine and the channel catfish was caught in Pedernales.

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