Techniques California Catfish

When drift fishing, jigging or using a similar method you should at least get a bite within the fist twenty or thirty minutes. If you haven’t even gotten a bite within this length of time, it’s time to move to another location. Sometimes, just moving a few feet away will yield results so you don’t have to move a long ways from your original position unless you just want to.

When fishing for catfish you do need to have plenty of patience. The catfish will normally nibble on the bait a couple of times before they actually take it. If you try to set the hook too soon, you’ll jerk it right out of its mouth. Give it time to swallow the bait and then give the rod a quick tug upward and this will set the hook and you’re ready to start reeling it in.

Where to Fish for California Catfish
One of the first things that an angler has to decide is where to go fishing. If you’ve recently moved to California or visiting for awhile, you may not know where to go to catch this species. Fortunately, the catfish is plentiful in California and you will find them in just about any body of water that you choose to fish. Nevertheless, here are a few of the better known places where you can go catfish fishing in California to help get you off to a good start:

*        Clear Lake
*        Lake Shasta
*        Lake Don Pedro
*        Trinity Lake
*        Lake Almanor
*         El Capitan Lake
*        Laguna Niguel Lake
*        Lake Hodges
*        Lake Silverwood
*        Big Bear Lake
*        San Vicente Lake
*        Lake Skinner
*        Lake Sutherland
*        Folsom Lake

You’ll find many more lakes and rivers scattered around all through California where the catfish fishing is great. Keep in mind that when you do hook a catfish, you need to be careful taking the hook out. Use a hook remover and wear a thick pair of gloves to prevent getting struck by the sharp barbs that this species is well-known for.

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