Five Tactics for Catching Summer Catfish

However, you don’t want to go too deep when looking for them because the catfish won’t venture out to the deepest parts of the water. Normally, they will be in depths of 20 feet or less.

Go fishing at night for the best results. From late evening throughout early morning the cats will be more active and the easiest to find because the water temperature will be cooler. They will be found in the shallow waters making this the best time to go catfishing in the summer.

These tips can help you to reel in more catfish in the summer than ever before.

Many anglers chum for cats during the night to draw them to their area faster. Go fishing up and down the shoreline and all through the shallow waters when night fishing for catfish in the summer. Keep in mind that the channel catfish are usually active in warm waters.

Some of the most common mistakes made in the summer would be going fishing in the direct heat of the day, this is the worse time to try and reel in the cat.

The second biggest mistake is going out too deep. The cats are not going to be found out in the deepest parts of the water because the water is too cold to have the amount of oxygen for them to thrive.

When fishing for catfish in the summer, many times you’ll discover that getting back to the basics and keeping it simple works the best. This is especially true where your baits are concerned. During the summer is not a good time to use stink baits or cut baits because the heat intensifies them too much.

Some of the basic and best baits to use for catfish fishing in the summer are listed below:
Night Crawlers
Dough Baits
Chicken Livers

These will yield some excellent results because the catfish are hungry and looking for a tasty meal. Most anglers never think about fishing for catfish with some type of artificial lure. However, if you ask any bass fishermen, they will most likely tell you about hooking a few catfish during the summer months on fast moving crankbaits while trying to reel in the bass.

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