Differences Between Catfish Bobbers

Straw Floats
These bobbers are great for fishing catfish in areas where there are a lot of obstructions or underwater foliage. Straw floats, like the name suggests, has a straw attached to the bobber itself and keeps your line about 21 inches from the float itself. While the float itself is much smaller than others it’s meant more to help keep your line from becoming tangled or obstructed.

Pole Floats
These bobbers are meant to give your line more weight and stability. When you’re fishing in rougher waters, these floats will stay intact because of their increased durability. Made of wood and normally coated in epoxy, makes these floats very resistant to cracks and breaks. If you’re looking for a large, durable and weighted bobber, than you’ll want to use one of these.

Foam Floats
These floats are the generic type of bobber. These floats have multiple purposes, can be used as replacement heads for straw floats and have many other uses. They come in many different sizes, colors and shapes. They are durable, replaceable and all around a great bobber to have in the water. They sit high on the water which makes them much easier to see.

Choosing the Right Bobber for the Right Catfish
Now that you know a few differences in catfish bobbers you need to choose the right one for you. While some have specific uses for specific types of water, fish and situations others are just meant to be used in a general sense. A lot of the generic bobbers can be used no matter what type of fish you’re fishing.

Comfort is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right bobber. If you don’t feel comfortable with a bobber or any other piece of your equipment, don’t use it. Find what works best for you and stick with it. Veteran anglers will tell you that going against your instinct will keep you from reaching your maximum potential. You can’t make a bobber fit you but you can fit a bobber to you and your needs. Finding that balance is important when choosing the perfect bobber for your next fishing trip.

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