Five Oklahoma Catfish Baits

Baits to Use When Catfish Fishing in Oklahoma
Once you have a place picked out to go fishing, you need to get the right baits. When in Rome do as the Romans and when in Oklahoma, well you get the point. Some of the best baits for catfish fishing in Oklahoma come right from the state itself. They have a deep history rooted in years of experience with these great fish.

Some of the most common baits in Oklahoma might not be what you’re used to fishing with. If you can get past the abnormality of them you’ll do just fine when catfish fishing in Oklahoma. Catfish are attracted by more than just what they can see with their eyes.

Many of the baits used in Oklahoma are meant to attract the fish to more than just a nice looking worm on a hook. Five excellent Oklahoma baits to use are:
Stink Baits – These baits are amazing when fishing for catfish and because of the wide variety to choose from, your chances of catching catfish increase.

These baits can range from soaking a sponge in rotted meat to placing a few day olds flesh on a hook. These baits work by leaking oils into the water that drive the catfish crazy.

Worms – That’s right, worms. You can never go wrong with using this age old bait. Catfish, like most fish, enjoy eating worms. This bait is especially good for the more casual fisherman who just wants to let nature do what it does best.

Chicken Livers – With its intense smell, this bait works wonders for catching catfish. Many anglers swear by the fact that this is the only bait worth using when catching catfish.

Shad – This is a very common bait that is often used when fishing for the mighty catfish. It works well and it’s easy to use.

Dough Balls – There are several recipes for dough balls and these can also be found online. This is a cheap but excellent bait to use when Oklahoma catfish fishing.

Choosing the right fishing spot and the right bait can make your trip more than just an attempt to catch some fish. These baits will increase your chances of hooking a catfish. Find out from the locals or guides which baits are best to use where you’re fishing.

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